Monday, June 8, 2015

Join our IndieGoGo Campaign for Our New Teen Comedy Pitching Tents!

Hi everyone! I am producing a new movie next month! I am super excited about it. It feels like a long time since I've made a full feature narrative film. And it's happening!!!

This one is really funny and set in the 1980s. We're going to need help making sure we bring the 1980s to the big screen in a really fun way.

So we've started an IndieGoGo campaign and I hope you can all help by contributing. If you can't contribute monetarily, I hope you can contribute by spreading the word to your friends and family. That would mean the world to me!

I fly to Connecticut at the end of the month for pre-production and we start filming in July.

As you all know, it takes a village and we're trying to build ours - won't you join us? Click the box below and it will take you to our campaign!!

I'll keep you all posted through the entire process so stay tuned!!

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