Monday, March 21, 2016

Dandekar Makes a Sandwich - A Vimeo Staff Pick! & a new film 20 Weeks

Our short film Dandekar Makes a Sandwich was recently selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick! Thanks so much for the honor Vimeo!

DANDEKAR MAKES A SANDWICH from Leena Pendharkar on Vimeo.

Writer/director Leena Pendharkar and I are over the moon about the staff at Vimeo highlighting our short. It's hard to get films to stand out above the rest so recognition from highly regarded sites goes a long way. We couldn't be more pleased! We hope you check out the film on Vimeo here.

We made this little short film in order to have fun with the Dandekar character who is the main character in Leena's full feature screenplay Days with Dandekar. We had planned to make Days with Dandekar as a follow up to Dandekar Makes a Sandwich, but we soon came to the conclusion that we wanted more resources for the full feature of Dandekar's story and decided to make a smaller feature first.

That said...

20 Weeks

We're tremendously excited to announce that we are in pre-production on a new feature that Leena just completed writing, titled 20 Weeks. This story is very near and dear to Leena's heart. She and her husband recently had a scare with their own pregnancy (everything is fine now and they have a healthy baby girl) and Leena wanted to write a story about a couple going through a similar situation of finding out their baby may have a genetic issue at the 20-week scan, a mid-pregnancy scan to check on the health of your baby. Check out Leena's story on her blog here.

20 Weeks is an intimate romantic drama about a couple dealing with the news that their baby may be born with a serious health issue. Inspired by true events, 20 Weeks goes behind the often-closed doors of a stressful pregnancy and its effects on the mother and father. This story comes from a very honest place and gives a voice to the mothers and fathers who have or are struggling during one of the most joyful experiences of their lives - having a child.

Check out Leena's look book for 20 Weeks here. She is inspired by films like Her, Blue Valentine and even The Notebook.

Please follow us as we navigate the development and creation of 20 Weeks on Facebook and on Twitter!

Thanks for all your support as we continue to make movies!!

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