Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Writer Duet - Screenwriting Software Perfect for Writing Partners

Along with producing films, I enjoy writing them too. And I really like collaborating with other screenwriters on projects. The one obstacle to collaborating is sharing work seamlessly between writing partners. If you can't work in the same document, it makes it difficult to know if you are working in the most current version. It also slows things down. You may have to wait for your writing partner to finish his or her changes and then email it to you so you can pick up where he or she left off. Not very efficient.

So in my search to figure out a good means of collaborating with a writing partner, I came across It's an online screenwriting software that allows for collaboration. Like Google Docs, it allows you and your writing partner to be in the same document at the same time and it shows the changes your writing partner is making in real time. It's exactly what I was hoping for and then some!

I have shared it with my writing partners and it's been a really wonderful tool for our collaborating. It's a great program in which to write even if you don't write with a partner. And you can save your screenplay in most formats, including Final Draft and PDF. I really can't recommend WriterDuet enough. Below are some video tutorials that will explain more of the features of the software. And at the bottom is a limited-time discount from WriterDuet for my readers. Check out the software and let me know what you think! And more importantly, keep on writing!


Pro v. Free Tutorial

Limited Time Offer!

20% off discount code and direct purchase URL: INDIE, (price is usually $99 for lifetime Pro with free upgrades, or $7.99/mo subscription, so this brings it down to $79 one-time or $6.39/mo - and price is even lower for students!)

Here's to wonderful collaborations!

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