Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How Wattpad Is Helping Me as a Filmmaker

It all comes down to story. I have been trying to stretch myself beyond just producing lately due to my love of story - I have been writing, directing and even editing my own work. I'm writing in mediums outside of film - from creating Web series to writing novellas and tackling a full novel.

I noticed Wattpad a few months ago but I wasn't really aware of what it was and how it could benefit me as a storyteller. I had been writing novellas and publishing them on Amazon and I knew I wanted to tackle a novel. 

Then my friend and cowriter Kristin Goodman suggested we publish a novella based on our screenplay The Virgin on Wattpad. I thought, why not? It might bring attention to the story and I had always thought it would make a great novella.

So that's what we did. Kristin took the lead on writing the novella for The Virgin. We have over three thousand reads and have garnered some wonderful comments from readers. You can check out The Virgin novella here.

And soon I realized that my first novel idea would be ideal for Wattpad as well. It seemed like a great way to be motivated to write each day and build an audience along the way.

The novel I'm writing is titled 30 Days to Love and it's about the first thirty days in Shauna and James's relationship. It explores the roller coaster ride that every relationship goes through during the first thirty days:
Shauna can't wait to graduate and embark on a new career across the country in New York City. She's ready for a fresh start until she meets James - one month before graduation. She is determined to not start a new relationship with anyone since she has to focus on finals and move in just a few weeks.
The problem is that she has little resolve around James. And he might just be her soul mate. Each day, she tries to push him away but instead finds herself falling a little more in love with him, knowing that she only has thirty days to make a choice between love and her career.
The scariest part about writing a chapter each day and loading it over the course of thirty days is that I'm putting up first drafts for all the world to see. I don't have the luxury of rewriting until I'm happy with what I've written. I have time to write and load and that's it. 

I have to say it's been incredibly motivating. I look forward to writing 1000 to 3000 words a day. And it's becoming a routine, which I'm so happy about. I can see myself continuing with this schedule of writing each day. And seeing that over 1500 people have read my writing thus far feels awesome. I hope that continues to grow. 

So while my story may be rough, it's inspiring me to keep going - figure out my voice - follow my passion - write what I love. I hope you check out 30 Days to Love here!

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