Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Film's Life after Initial Distribution Platforms

I'd like to start a discussion about life of a film after its initial distribution license periods come to an end. I have a couple of titles that are coming up to the end of their first or second license periods with big aggregators who helped the titles appear on big platforms like cable Video-on-Demand, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix. I want to strategize the next phase of these films' lives.

I know that I can reload the film myself on Amazon so that's a start. But what else is out there? I know of and have some experience with the following:

IndieReign (
Distrify (
IndieFlix (
Amazon (

I know there is Fandor ( as well, but they curate their titles so it's not a guarantee of acceptance.

Are there any other online distribution platforms for independent film? I'm doing the research and will share the list as soon as I have one complete.

And let me know your thoughts on any with which you have experience. Sharing our experiences will hopefully lead to a stronger independent world. Thanks all!

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