Wednesday, March 6, 2013

That's a Wrap! on Our New Short Plain Clothes

We spent this last weekend filming our new short film Plain Clothes. It was a great time. Much of the crew came from either our last film Take Me Home or Sam Jaeger's show Parenthood. It was like friends coming together to make a movie. In fact, I believe I heard Sam and Howard (our DP) at one point say they felt they were back in high school making a movie when we were in Sam's front yard stealing some shots.

Actually, it's this shot in particular:

And from another angle:

We had an amazing stunt crew with us coordinating the stunts:

Our prop team rocked the firearms and thanks to our friend Les who let us use his Jeep as our picture car:

We had an awesome grocery store:

And lovely home (and bed) in which to film:

The best caterer ever - Amber Jaeger! Here we are scarfing down her food:

And here's to the best cast and crew - love you guys!

We're makin' a movie and lovin' it! To track our progress, check out our Facebook page here:

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