Monday, November 1, 2010

Not Since You on VOD, PPV & DVD This Month!

I woke up this morning and thought, It's November 1st! Not Since You should be available On Demand. So I dashed to my television as if it were Christmas morning and there it was. Not Since You and the word NEW next to it.

This is the proud moment of a film parent. You raise your movies and release them out into the world. And when they sit amongst the studio releases as if it were one of them, you smile.

Now I'm wondering if I can rent the movie in hotels? Hmmm. Where's the nearest Holiday Inn? I'm on my way! So silly but those thoughts do run through your mind -- the idea that you could enjoy your own film in a hotel. How fun is that?

And to top it all off, Not Since You comes out on DVD on November 23rd. Yippee! It definitely puts a skip in my step and makes the slog of paperwork and deliverables for my upcoming titles feel like a refreshing dip -- well, maybe that's going a bit too far...


Not Since You Ensemble:

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Penny Hicks said...

As a long time fan of writer/director Jeff Stephenson, I too can't wait to watch this at home (or in a hotel!). Congratulations everyone!