Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Days to Start of Production!

We are two days out from production and most of our crew is here and our two leads Trevor Morgan and Rumer Willis have arrived and are doing fittings and rehearsals. The house is full of activity. It's been a whirlwind of pre-pro and we are both stressed and excited to begin filming on Wednesday.

It's a jam-packed 18-day shoot but we are confident we will get our days and not have to compromise. The cast and crew are super talented, our locations are beautiful, and the support is being felt all around. The conditions couldn't be better for being creative and making a great film.

The biggest wild card for us is the weather. Florida is prone to scattered thunderstorms throughout August. The rain can come in swift and hard. And bring lightening with it. So we will keep our fingers crossed that the weather treats us right.

Time to make a movie!


Melissa Silverstein said...

Good luck with everything. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Hope the filming goes smoothly and the rain doesn't get in your way.

Have the people casted for extras already being notified?

Trem papers said...

time to make a movie.........!

Jentri said...

good luck! good luck! good luck! :)

Cilicious said...

(I am Rusty's wife, you haven't met me.)
Break a leg!
It's been a fairly dry summer so maybe it will continue that way.
Not long ago, I watched Truffaut's Day for Night and I thought about you guys. It certainly does sound like a lot of juggling.

Shane said...

Are you going to post videos and trailers on this blog? That would be pretty cool.



Lisa said...

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marcus said...

Great competition for Indie film makers to get their work noticed:

Anonymous said...

I live next door to where you have been staying on the beach. You certainly have an enthusiastic crew and I wish you success in your film.

This area has a long and fascinating history including the long and bitter history of Cumberland Island which effected bothe Fernandina and St Mary's as they are the closest mainlands. You should tell Sean to take a look at the Cumberland Island book on Google books.

There is as lot of hidden dark history too that has been passed down by word of mouth by locals.

Learnfilmonline said...

Awesome love the sounds of new movie making. Good luck guys.

william smith said...

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