Friday, April 9, 2010

So Much to Talk About...

That's what people love to do in Hollywood. Talk. I have this project and I have that project and I have this other project. Oh wait and I have that project and this one. I have had many meetings in which we both yammer on about the multiple projects we both have going.

Now that is the life of a producer. It is non-stop project after project and it's what keeps us going.

I love to work. I love what I do. If I could talk about 50 projects at once, I would. But I realize that I need to be focused and hone in on the projects that I feel are ready to go.

As a producer, I have so many irons in the fire and potential opportunities that it can be overwhelming. But there's always that sixth sense that comes into play and tells you which ones you need to be focused on at any given time. Without that, I could see a producer spinning way too many wheels and not achieving much.

Right now, I have a film in theaters, a DVD/Book set for sale, a DVD online for sale, a DVD for sale in stores and elsewhere, a film in post seeking a festival premiere, a film (a doc this time) in production and a film in pre-production. I also have three features and two docs in development poised to kick my ass at any given moment.

That is the day in the life of an indie producer. Did I say I love it? I do.

And none of this includes the time it takes to consider new projects and network and publicize the work we are doing.

Film is a lifestyle. It's a lifestyle I love. Just last night I went to the LA premiere of a friend's film starring A-List actors. It was super fun and I am super excited for their success. Am I jealous? Heck no. (Okay well maybe a little. Fine, a lot!) But I do expect the next film to be made with me. Now those are the kinds of expectations you will find here -- whether or not they actually happen -- ha!


Jentri said...

I love your attitude, Jane! You're so inspiring!

Frank Casanova said...

HaHa... Jane you did make one big "Hollywood" point >> It's all about Me.
and I say that with all due respect.