Friday, February 5, 2010

Theaters in Los Angeles for an Indie Theatrical Release

We are exploring the idea of 4-walling our film Not Since You so we can get some much-needed exposure for it. The rates on 4-walling have been very interesting. I'll post what we find out once we have all the rates compiled. 


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why more films aren't 4-walled. It's not that expensive, although many theaters require a P+A spend. But if you're going to DVD anyway, and it costs around the same as an ad in the NYT, wouldn't it make sense to just get the review? The local papers all review films in the theaters and ignore DVD.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Also worth considering Edwards University in Irvine (for OC) or Edwards Westpark (Irvine also); many films four-wall at these.

Another that does this is Regency's Rancho Niguel (Laguna Niguel) and Regency's theater in Costa Mesa.

Gonzalo said...

Do keep up posting on this subject.
Your project sounds interesting.


20123 said...
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Jane Kelly Kosek said...

i'll look into all of these theaters. It is an endless pursuit to see who is indie friendly! Thanks!


Greetings from eStreet said...

Looking forward to seeing what info you come up! We are wanting to 4-wall our doc "The Philosopher Kings" in the L.A. area too!

Thanks for posting this!