Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Started a Book Group: Marginalia!

I was feeling very illiterate because I wasn't making time to read. I was always so caught up in my filmmaking and found it incredibly difficult to read a book from cover to cover and definitely hard to track new writers of fiction and even nonfiction.

So I decided to fix my problem. I started a book group with good friends who actually do take time to read. We call it Marginalia! -- thanks to our crossword guru who always comes up with great words to express himself. 

We are using an excellent Web site: to keep track of the books we are reading and we can discuss the books there too. I feel so much smarter now. 

We just finished reading Nicole Krauss' History of Love and while I didn't love it, I feel great having read a strong work of fiction and the opportunity to discuss it's pros and cons.

While it takes time away from my filmmaking work, I know it will help my storytelling skills and make me a more well-rounded creative professional. And who knows? Maybe I'll find a book I'll want to make into a movie! Every experience feeds who you are and who you hope to become.

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Sofluid said...

That sounds great Jane!

I'm trying to read more, too. It does take time away from writing but, like you say, it will certainly help with storytelling skills!