Sunday, November 15, 2009

Distribution U and the 10 Principles of Hybrid Distro

I attended Distribution U last weekend and learned a great deal about self-distribution. Peter Broderick and Scott Kirsner put on the seminar and they did a wonderful job presenting ideas for how indie filmmakers can take control of the sales of their films. 

The philosophies they presented work well for films with budgets under $1 million. If your film is close to $1 million and above, it's recommended that you go the more traditional route of distribution. However, I think the following ideas can be used on any kind of film, both big and small.

During the seminar, Peter Broderick went over 10 principles of hybrid distribution. Here's what he recommends: 

1. Design a customized distribution strategy.
2. Split distribution rights.
3. Choose effective distribution partners.
4. Circumscribe the rights (meaning carve up the rights to those who can handle them the best).
5. Craft win-win deals. Words to live by: "No deal is better than a bad deal."
6. Retain direct sales rights, i.e. DVD & digital downloads on the film's Web site. 
7. Assemble a distribution team, consisting of: Strategist or Producer Rep, Foreign Sales Agent, Web Site Manager, Outreach Coordinator, Fulfillment Company for DVD Sales
8. Partner with Nonprofits and Online Communities
9. Maximize direct revenues (products you create v. third party)
10. Grow and nurture audiences. 


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