Sunday, October 4, 2009

Not Since You to Premiere at the Hollywood Film Festival

Our romantic dramedy Not Since You will be premiering at the Hollywood Film Festival on Sunday, October 25 at 5pm at the Hollywood Arclight. We are excited to be part of the Hollywood Film Festival. A local screening is icing on the cake. And the cherry on top is screening at the premiere theater venue: the Hollywood Arclight. 

As an indie film, we find joy in the little things, like screening at the Arclight. We feel like kids in a candy store with this screening. We wish we could screen it on a film print but seeing that would mean an additional $30k, an HDCam will have to do. 

It's also great to be able to screen the film to a wider public audience. I hope any LA-based readers will come! I'd love to see you there. Now, it's time to promote, promote, promote! 

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