Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bill Mechanic's Wise Words

A Twitter friend shared this link with me from Nikki Finke's blog of Bill Mechanic's keynote speech about the future of indies from the Independent Film & Television Production Conference. Mechanic is the former chairman/CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment and is now an indie producer (Coraline) and owner of Pandemonium LLC.

I found the speech enlightening, though it inspires me to be a survivor even more. I think what most people forget is that indie filmmakers are used to tough times. We struggle day in/day out even when the economy is amazing. What's a recession and the retraction of film deals? It's the day in a life of an indie filmmaker. We are used to rejection and we are used to forging new paths for our work and having a million obstacles to overcome. 

The interesting thing is hearing those who have achieved a certain level of success being humbled and literally and suddenly being at the same level as those who have struggled for that exact success. It's a level playing field right now. If you don't see that as an opportunity then I don't know what to else to say! 

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