Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sloan Science and Film

I've known about the Sloan Foundation grants to filmmakers who make movies featuring science and technology, but today was the first time I've been to Museum of the Moving Image's Web site where they feature the Sloan Science and Film. I thought I would share. 

Sloan Science and Film is a website devoted to exploring the intersection of science and film, and enhancing the public understanding of science and technology. It features award-winning science-themed short films that have been supported by grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, videos of discussions with filmmakers and scientists, news about the Sloan Film Program’s awards and activities, and original articles exploring the cinematic depictions of scientific ideas and the portrayal of scientists and engineers in film and television.

It's a pretty cool place to see work from some interesting artists. Maybe you will find your next director there!

More on the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has been giving production and screenwriting grants to filmmakers since 1997. The Sloan Film Program, led by Program Director Doron Weber, supports the creation of realistic and entertaining stories about science and technology, many of which challenge existing stereotypes about scientists and engineers.

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