Monday, April 20, 2009

Fox Atomic Says Buh-Bye

Another motion picture studio division bites the dust. It's always a sad day when any entity making movies packs its bags and says goodbye. Fox Atomic made its own projects, including Turistas, The Hills Have Eyes II, and 28 Weeks Later,  and one of their future projects could have been yours or mine. 

Fox Atomic wasn't going to win any Oscars with the fare they were making, but they were targeting an audience known for spending money on movies -- teenagers. They could have done really well if they had made Twilight or High School Musical. But instead, they made Miss March and 12 Rounds, trying to provide genre and comedy films to this target audience.

Sounds like their genre and comedy hopes didn't pan out. But don't despair, Debbie Liebling (the president of Fox Atomic) will be sticking around as Exec VP of Production at Fox and will still be in charge of shepherding the rest of Atomic's list through production. And with hits like Borat and Dodgeball under her belt, she's a keeper. Let's just hope the titles she has developed for Atomic come close to those two successes. Sounds like Fox could use them. 

Looking at their In Development list on IMDb, I can say that I am interested in Spending My Inheritance. Scot Armstrong is a producer on it and he was a writer on successful comedies, including Old School, School for Scoundrels, and Road Trip. I would hope Spending My Inheritance would reflect his comedic chops. The Wackness director Jonathan Levine has a project on Atomic's slate as well, called The Sitter (He likes his The ____ titles). Even Jason Reitman who directed Juno has a title, Pierre, Pierre, on the list and it's due to star Jim Carrey. Another super intriguing one is the post-apocalyptic title Afterburn from Tobey Maguire's company about treasure hunters seeking relics on Earth after a solar flare destroys much of Earth. A solar flare? I'm so in. Even if these titles are no longer in development, it's fun to speculate their future.

So let's pause for a moment of silence and say our goodbyes. So long Fox Atomic! We hope to see your projects around these parts again real soon. 

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