Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cannes in a Van and Paper Airplanes in NYC

I read about Cannes in a Van and I had to share. It's this wacky kind of film promotion that I love. 

Also check out the video of a paper airplane flight in NYC. When I had an office in Soho, I did the same thing. It's a beautiful sight.

CANNES in a VAN - The Perfect Vehicle for Independent Film

The wheels are turning once again!
While our 2009 site currently has the decorators in and should be up and running soon, we're calling for submissions for the Cannes in a Van 2009 trip to the Cote d'Azur. True to form of the last 2 years showcasing independent film right on the Croisette from our humble yellow Ford Transit, against the odds (and the 'crunch'), we're doing it again... and we'd love you to join us.

SCREEN YOUR FILMS in CANNES & be part of The Smallest Mobile Film Festival in the World.
If you are a filmmaker, film collective or production company who wants to screen your film or selection at CANNES in a VAN, we want to hear from you.
This year, as well as cramming in as many shorts as we can in the space of 10 days, we want to 'champion' a select bunch of films - with repeat screenings, web presence and promotion. We aim to give them the unique international exposure only Cannes in a Van can! Oh, and it's free.
All you need to do is download the submission form and send it with your film to the address on the form. You can find the submission form at: (...)

There's not a lot to it really... We screen your films, to a captive, film-loving audience at the Cannes Film Festival, from a van. We do it because we love film... and filmmakers. We've had some great support in the last two years from various sponsors (check out the 2008 site for links) as well as some generous filmmakers, which enable us to make the trip.
It's in the spirit of guerilla cinema and we need as much word-of-mouth support as we can get, including forwarding the site on to friends, journalists, filmmakers, media... sponsorship from small companies and any ideas, feedback or help you might be able to offer. We can offer links and advertising in return for sponsorship and would love to support whoever we can.
Last year we went green too, converting the van to run on vegetable oil (courtesy of It's just not so good in the cold!

We're looking for people to lend a hand while we're in Cannes, so if you're going to be at the festival and want to get involved in something that's promoting independent film in it's purest form, drop us a line.

THANKS FOR LISTENING and don't forget to send in your films!

Email us at:



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Sabina E. said...

Yeah, I think the whole touring film festival is freakin BRILLIANT. If theatre troupes and music bands can travel on the road, then why not for filmmakers?