Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Rollercoaster Ride of Crowdfunding: Thoughts on Our Campaign for Dandekar Makes a Sandwich

We are about a week out from the deadline on our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo for our new short film Dandekar Makes a Sandwich, written and to be directed by Leena Pendharkar, starring Brian George and Dyana Ortelli and excited to report that we have raised more than 60% of our financing thus far. Woohoo!

Our cast:

Brian George

Dyana Ortelli

Check out Leena's pitch video here:

We still have 40% to raise and we're excited to make the final push to the end. We hope you join us on this roller coaster ride. Here's the link to our campaign where you can snatch up some cool gifts for your contribution:

I love Ameet Mehta's illustrations that he is doing for us - such a cool sandwich!:

Securing our funding goal will allow us to pay our super talented cast and crew and rent a brand new Red Epic (gets me so excited - hee hee) and pay for our grocery store location (expensive!). We also found a rad 1980s white Volvo for our main character (not easy to find) and we get to make the most awesome sandwich on shooting day. Help us make a sandwich here.

Crowdfunding is always a roller coaster ride! It's a full-time commitment to continually raise awareness and push out new promotions to excite our fans. I find it to be a really fun process with lots of unexpected twists and turns. You never know how a campaign will turn out. I usually strap myself in and go for a ride!

Our awesome Volvo for Dandekar:

Dandekar's Volvo
Crowdfunding is such an incredible tool for independent filmmakers. You can have a project with no funding in sight one month and the next month be fully funded and ready to start pre-production. It's truly amazing. And making the kind of connection with your audience through crowdfunding is priceless. I love it.

I have successfully managed a few crowdfunding campaigns for my films and they are always full of lots of energy and excitement for the process of filmmaking. It warms my heart to know that there are fans out there wanting to see our films get made. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. We work tirelessly each day trying to find ways to get our films made so when a crowdfunding campaign works, I cry tears of joy.

Here we are scouting for our location:

Leena, Sohini and Jane Scouting Grocery Stores
Every film I make always has a crowdfunding component. It's such an incredible way to connect to your audience and bring them into your world. And it's a great way for contributors to really make a difference in the success of independent film. Each contribution helps a project get made.

Here are some tips on having a successful campaign:

1) Know that you have a specific audience to market your campaign toward. Hone in on that niche market. Ask yourself why would they contribute? Are they fans of your actors? Are they fans of you? Will they be compelled to help you because you are making a film in a genre they love? Are they fans of independent film? Whoever they are, figure out how to reach them and give them incentives that would excite them. Are there blogs they read or organizations of which they are members? Go after them where they enjoy hanging out online.
2) Build an email list. I love MailChimp and email my fans periodically to update them on my work. Get the word out to your niche market first and then their word of mouth will help you reach an even greater audience.
3) Create a Web site for your film. It really shows that you are working hard to make your film happen.
4) Write a blog. I love my blog and helping other independent filmmakers. It has enriched my career in so many ways. I am certain my blog has contributed toward my successful crowdfunding campaigns.
5) Hire a publicist. We work with an amazing publicist on our films. She has consistently gotten our projects coverage that we would never have the connections to make. Include her fee in your film's budget and the amount you are hoping to raise in your campaign. It will be so worth it.
6) Give relevant updates that show you are working toward making the film. Show pictures and video and loop your audience in with developments through pre-production.
7) Engage in your campaign every day and throughout the day through social media. You never know when that one tweet will push someone to contribute.
8) Be positive and excited. Let your audience know that you are excited about making your film and your excitement will be infectious.
9) Build a team to help you. It takes a village - work on building that village every day!
10) Never give up! Even if it seems impossible - stay in the fight for your project. Be passionate and engaged and show the love of your work to the world and they will want to share in your passion.

Thanks for checking out this blog post! I want to thank everyone for contributing to Dandekar Makes a Sandwich. Without you, this film would not get made.

But we need more help.

We still need 40% more of our goal. And any funds that we raise above that amount will go directly into our budget for the full feature Days with Dandekar that we plan to make in the new year.

Please help Dandekar make a sandwich! You can see our campaign at this link: We would love to have you all join us on this roller coaster ride! Thank you!!!

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