Monday, December 30, 2013

Chris Hadley of Snobby Robot - Thanks for watching and liking our show!

We are so pleased that Chris Hadley at Snobby Robot chose to cover our new Web series I Love My Annoying Spouse and that he likes the show! Check out his awesome article here: I LOVE MY ANNOYING SPOUSE: Our Spouses May Be Annoying…But We Love Them Anyway.

I really love the coverage that Chris does on Web series. He's very thorough and insightful and really gets to the core of why a series exists. I'm really glad that Erik Urtz founded Snobby Robot. The Web site is providing such a wonderful forum for learning about video creators, big and small.

Looking back, we had so much fun making I Love My Annoying Spouse. My husband Steve and I brainstormed the episodes, using real life moments from our 20-year marriage and we decided to test our new Nikon 7100 still camera with the video function and employed our H2 recorder to capture the sound. Steve is a still photographer by training but he was able to make the leap from stills to video pretty seamlessly. It was really nice to have him as the DP.

Then Jonny Loquasto and Ann Tierney Kelly embodied those wonderfully annoying marriage moments and brought their own twist to the characters. And Annie Bydlon was an all-around huge help on set.

We proved that you don't need many resources to make entertainment. It really comes to down to story! We hope you like the story we're telling!

If you haven't seen any episodes yet, you can check them out on my Meritage Pictures YouTube Channel here:

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