Monday, December 16, 2013

Casting Call for Funny Women in 20s/30s for New Web Series!

Our Web Channel So Natural TV is casting for its new comedy web series, Mommyhood. It’s the story of two long time friends who discover, after having babies, that they have very very different outlooks on parenting.  Looking to cast four women, ideally comics with great improv skills. Must love the web/web series and be socially engaged and willing to participate via Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and other outlets. If interested, please send a headshot and a paragraph about yourself to sonaturaltv11 at Here are the character descriptions:
ANIKA (late 20’s, early 30’s): Is a fashion entrepreneur who recently sold her t-shirt company to a large company. She is busy and very focused on her career, and ambivalent about being a mother. While she loves her daughter, she is very slow to embrace some of the new things that come with motherhood, and often throws herself into her work. She is terrified of becoming “one of those women” who is obsessed with mommyhood and can’t talk about anything else.
MELODY (late 20’s, early 30’s): Is an engineer who recently gave up her job because she feels that nothing is more important than staying at home with her daughter. She is the perfect “So Natural” mom meaning that everything has to be green, natural and perfect. Her life revolves completely around motherhood and can’t talk about anything except her baby. She is very caught up in the “LA mom” “So Natural” vibe.
MARGARET (late 20’s, early 30’s): Is a WASPY upper class mom who just divorced her hubbie and now spends her days poolside while a “team” takes care of her baby. She has no time for middle class mommy issues, and has had a recent sexual awakening that has her exploring men, women and everything in between. She loves her baby, but because she got married at age 25, she is now 32 and facing a life crisis.
RUBY (late 20’s, early 30’s): Is a jewelry entrepreneur who swears off kids and can’t understand why anyone would want to have them. She travels all over the world selling her wares. She tends to have long-term boyfriends, but then ultimately freaks out and never settles down with anyone for various reasons.  She doesn’t minds her friends kids, but def doesn’t want any of her own. People are always trying to convince her how wonderful mommyhood is, but she is pretty clear on her point of view.
We hope you submit!

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