Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Short Film on the Keystone XL Pipeline (Pipe Dreams) Now Available on Vimeo!

Our short film Pipe Dreams is now available on Vimeo On Demand as a rental! Please watch and help spread the word on the harsh realities of the possible Keystone XL Pipeline.

We drove over 2,000 miles to interview ranchers affected by the Keystone I - a pipeline that has been built and has had multiple leaks - as well as the ranchers whose land has been earmarked for the path of Keystone XL. Hear from their true accounts of the problems with these tar sands pipelines.

Leslie and I are very proud of this film. We were inspired to make this film because we care about protecting the natural resources of our country. Leslie covered expenses and we filmed it ourselves - the two of us on the road with a camera and a laptop. We were welcomed onto the ranches of some amazing hardworking people. We are humbled by their sacrifices in ranching the land that delivers us food to eat and the fact that they are dealing with such stressful threats that this pipeline poses to their livelihoods as well as the world's food supply and air, land and water quality.

We drove through four states and shot it over two weeks and edited it for two months (that's a very short timeframe for creating a film). Daryl Hannah came on board to narrate. She is so incredibly knowledgable about the dangers of tar sands and so committed to educating the world - she travels extensively to speak, take part in demonstrations, and even be arrested for the cause.

This little film that was created by two women driving the American backroads was shortlisted for an Oscar and we had a number of screenings supported by the National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club and Bold Nebraska and more. We even got a copy to President Obama.

Humans are not the only ones being threatened by tar sands oil. There's countless wildlife that are dying from tar sands extraction every day and many will be affected by the creation of the Keystone XL Pipeline when the inevitable leaks occur. Please watch this film and understand what tar sands pipelines can mean to you and the land upon which our survival depends.

Tar sands oil is not the same as crude oil. It is far more toxic and the extraction of it is a carbon bomb to our atmosphere. To be clear, we understand the argument for Keystone XL and the need for job creation. We believe the risks associated with the expansion of tar sands oil production are far too great to ignore. We need better solutions for the long term.

Pipe Dreams: A Film by Leslie Iwerks from Leslie Iwerks on Vimeo.

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