Friday, July 19, 2013

Filming in the Heat: Off to Shanghai Again for Hot Shoot

I'm off to Shanghai again for a shoot. It will be 97 and humid. This will be a very challenging shoot in these kind of conditions.

Necessities for filming in heat:

Cooler with ice for keeping drinks and humans cool
Drinks - must keep everyone hydrated!
Lip balm with sunscreen
Handkerchiefs to soak in water to put on face, neck and head
Lightweight pants, shirts and jackets
Area with AC nearby for relief
Moving slower than usual - build time in the schedule for the crew to not rush

Here's to a successful shoot in the sun!

Oh and as I leave, we just released a new Hi. It's Taryn. video. Learn how to create a Cat Eye! Don't think I'll do this for the hot shoot but perhaps when we return to our cool hotel for dinner, it's something to attempt. Enjoy!

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