Friday, June 14, 2013

Ethan Hawke and His Current Indie Success

Image Credit: Daniel Mcfadden; Despina Spyrou
Check out this interview with Ethan Hawke: "Ethan Hawke talks about his surprise No. 1 movie, 'The Purge'". He discusses his current success with two indie films: The Purge and Before Midnight.

Both films are enjoying major box office success for indie films. Congrats to all involved!

And for Hawke, one is his best opening (The Purge) and the other is his best critical success of his career (Before Midnight). How lovely to have both happening at once! I'm really looking forward to see them - though The Purge will probably give me nightmares...

In this article, Hawke shows a real respect and love for the indie film process. I have always been a fan of Ethan Hawke and I love him even more now. Ethan, when can we work together?

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