Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Indie Filmmakers, I Say Share Your Contact Information

Indie Filmmakers, I am sending out a call to everyone to try to be more approachable. I had a question that I wanted to pose to some of my producer colleagues and I realized that I had no way of reaching some of them.

IMDb and Studio System and even your own Web site should be a place of networking. And if you aren't sharing your contact information - at a minimum, your email or some sort of email address - then no one knows how to reach you.

Trust me, most people will give up trying you if you are too hard to reach. And some of those people might have new projects you are missing out on or some great info that helps sell your current products.

Now, I understand that celebrities should have a layer between them and the public. But they are all repped and we know how to reach them through their agents or managers.

If you aren't repped, you really should have your contact information available on the internet - unless you have a known stalker. In that case, you're forgiven.

I highly doubt that random people will start bombarding your inbox. You may get a few unsolicited emails here or there but, in that case, don't respond. Or block any spammers.

Normally something like this wouldn't phase me - that is, until I had an important reason to reach someone and his or her contact info was nowhere to be found. And it hit me that being hard to reach is likely contributing to the downfall of our industry. We filmmakers are not communicating enough with each other.

We should be talking all the time, sharing resources, advice, referrals, experiences. Imagine how much we can learn from each other? How many trial and errors we can all be avoiding? We wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel! We could lean on and partner with each other on great projects. Haven't we all learned that to give is to receive?

So log into your IMDb account or email Studio System and make your email available and let's start communicating! If you don't, you just might be missing out...