Monday, March 18, 2013

Affordable Script Consultation from a Producer's Perspective Provided by All About Indie Filmmaking

Hi everyone! I have started a new service in association with my blog. I am now offering script consultation from a producer's perspective. I have read thousands of scripts through my career and have always thought it would be great to provide the producer's perspective on a script. I want to help filmmakers develop stronger projects.

As a film producer, I am on the eternal search for a produceable script. One that has the following essential elements:

*Great Structure
*Engaging Plot
*Strong Dialogue
*In-Depth Character Development
*Castable Lead Characters
*Budget That Makes Sense for the Genre and Any Creative Attachments
*Commercial & Marketable Premise
*Clear Audience

If a script has the above elements, I know I can feel comfortable introducing it to financiers and cast and crew and spend the rest of my life marketing the project to distributors and audiences worldwide.

It's a big decision for a producer to take on a project. Therefore, you want your script to be ready for a producer's eye - because you usually only get one chance submitting your script to a producer.

I read a lot of scripts each week and know that many do not include the above elements. And if these elements are not in your script then you will have challenges in getting your script sold or made into a film.

After reading a screenplay, I'd love to have the opportunity to have a detailed dialogue with the screenwriter and be able to tell her or him a producer's opinion on the script. And then I realized I could! So I have decided to start offering script consultation from a producer's perspective. I have added a new page to my blog offering this service.

Most script consultation services only focus on the writing of the screenplay and not on whether or not the screenplay is actually producer-friendly. I can look at your script with an eye to what a producer will be considering upon assessment. This can help you tackle any trouble areas before you begin submitting your project to producers.

If you have a project you are interested in making but you'd like a producer's opinion on how produceable your script is, please contact me at the following email address and I will be happy to read your script and provide a written assessment of each element at which I personally look when assessing whether or not to take on a project.

My perspective is my own. I can't guarantee that your film will get produced even if your script has all of the above elements. But I can provide you with insight into what a working producer may think and give you the opportunity to try to make your script even stronger prior to exposing your script to producers, and even agents and managers.

My rates are very reasonable too. Please take into account that just reading your script can take 2 hours, just like watching a film can. I will then take time to write up my assessment and send it to you. I am keeping my rates low as I would like to make this service affordable for my readers who tend to be low budget independent filmmakers.

Feature-length script: $100
Short script (under 20 pages): $30

If you would like your script evaluated by a working film producer (I have produced over a dozen short and feature-length projects) who will provide you with a producer's perspective, please email me at

Turnaround will average 1 week, depending on my schedule. All reading and assessments will be done by me. I do not outsource to readers. Thanks everyone! I look forward to reading your work!

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