Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our World Premiere of The Diary of Preston Plummer

Wow! Life has a way to sucking you in. I had hoped to keep blogging but then got sucked into the vortex of work. I am producing two new documentaries and have been bicoastal this past month.

I wanted to mention that we recently had our World Premiere of The Diary of Preston Plummer at the Miami International Film Festival. It was a magical evening with our cast Trevor Morgan, Rumer Willis and Robert Loggia. Sean Ackerman (the writer/director) and I and our coproducer Jade DeCosta were also there. Thanks to everyone, including the Miami International Film Festival, for all of your help in putting on an amazing event.

We had a great time and will always remember the evening, especially after a decade of developing the film.

Here are some pictures from the event (photography by Henry Perez):

Currently, I am planning a one-week theatrical for The Diary of Preston Plummer and other special screenings. It has not been easy because we are planning to screen day and date with our Video on Demand and digital distribution starting April 20th.

Understandably, the theaters are not in love with screening a film that will be available on demand and on the internet. But I believe that we will actually do better theatrically if the world sees it online at the same time. The power of seeing a film in other media can actually drive theatergoers to the theater, in my opinion. And for an indie film, having it online may actually be more powerful to its performance than if it weren't being plugged on the internet.

We have some cities planned, including Wilmette Theater in Wilmette, Illinois - where the director grew up, The Roxy in Burlington, Vermont - where the director currently lives, and Market Street Cinema in Little Rock, Arkansas. We are also planning a run on Amelia Island where the film was shot and working with a theater in Napa and finalizing deals in other cities as well. Exciting stuff!

Right now we are in the final hours of our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign in order to afford our delivery to our distributor. We are in the home stretch of delivery but we still need all the help we can get to afford these costly deliverables. If you are interested in donating, we would be so grateful. Please find the link to our IndieGoGo Campaign here:

If we are playing in your area, please come out and see the film or check it out online starting April April 20th! This film is the culmination of many years of love and passion. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks to all! Cheers!

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Virginie said...

Congratulations, that it so exciting!

I like your untraditional approach to distributing the movie too :)