Friday, January 20, 2012

Sundance 2012 Experience - Arrival

I'm sitting in the T-Mobile Lift Stella Artois Cafe and having lunch on Stella Artois, which, of course, includes a mug of Stella. As my brother would say, "Very nice." And it is.

After a very long morning commute from LA, it's a wonderful respite to arrive at the Stella Artois cafe. I had a killer morning flight at 6:15a. This meant I had to be up at 3:15a. Ugh! Not sure how I'm even awake right now. The Sundance energy helps.

As soon as I landed in Park City, after a lovely shuttle ride, I dropped my bag at our house rental and headed to the Sundance Headquarters to pick up my press credentials. This is the first year I've attended as press so it's a New World to me.

At the HQ, they lost my credentials and I had to resubmit an application and have a photo taken. So much for having my nice photo on my credentials. Everyone gets to look at my hat head for the next 4 days.

With some food in my belly, I'm ready to tackle the films. Between the press and public screenings, there's a lot to plan. Of course, I was so swamped by the work on my own films prior to leaving that I didn't have a chance to pre-plan properly. So I'm the one in the corner with her head in her film guide, frantically figuring out my plan of attack.

More soon...

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