Monday, January 23, 2012

Sundance 2012: A Whirlwind!

I thought I would have time to be relaxed and blog to my heart's content but it has been wonderfully frenetic with networking and panels and films.

Sundance is a producer's dream. Someone said one party at Sundance is like 100 lunches in Hollywood. It's so true. In one party, I meet so many people with whom I'd like to work or consult or just get to know. I actually find it hard to watch many movies because there are so many awesome networking opportunities.

On a sad note, indie veteran Bingham Ray, who recently took over the San Francisco Film Festival, suffered two strokes and I heard Tracey Morgan collapsed at a gala here. Sundance is really tough on your body. The high altitude and frigid weather is hard to navigate - then add in the free drinks and food at all the parties and often no time for a real meal and you have a physical trauma waiting to happen. I went to the HBO party last night and after being on my feet all day, I too found myself sitting down toward the end just to summon more energy.

Well, we're off to a breakfast with Focus Forward and then hopefully on to some movies! Another busy day at Sundance.

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