Friday, January 13, 2012

The Road to Sundance: Tumult, directed by Johnny Barrington

Tell us about your film. What inspired you to make it? TUMULT, INTERNATIONAL SHORTS DRAMA.  I was inspired by my faulty knowledge of Scotlands history and a love of tourism. Tourists are beautifully innocent  - like little lambs...  and I always see warriors fighting when I visit historical sites. 

How long did it take you to make your film? 18 months

How did you finance your film? Creative Scotland and Channel Four

What was the most challenging part of the filmmaking process and how did you overcome it?
Working in the Scottish winter with semi naked warrior actors. We worked them like slaves and they gritted their teeth against the snow/hail/sleet/lightning and thunder. If the weather was worse the film probably would not have been made and there would definitely have been a few hypothermic lawsuits. 

Tell us about your experience getting into Sundance. Are there any pointers for filmmakers for getting accepted?  My experience was  blissful. It was entered and I forgot that it had been entered - thinking the chances were miniscule. And a few months later: A phone call that I will never forget from my producer telling me we were accepted, I thought I was hallucinating, I had to ask her to repeat the good news again so I could fully believe what she was saying.

If you had to make the film all over again, would you do anything different?
I would like to strive to make exactly the same film again - right down to the finest detail. An idiotic exercise but it could prove hugely rewarding in a masochistic kind of way. I would take my own coffee mug next time and provide more warmth for the poor semi naked warriors. They were honourable and courageous at all times.

What’s next for your film? Do you have distribution? If so, when and how can people see it and if not, what are your hopes for the film?
No distribution. I hope it is seen and enjoyed by as many people as possible in festivals online and on television.  

Can you provide any advice to other filmmakers who dream of getting their films made and into Sundance?
Ignore Sundance. Concentrate on making and finishing a film you love, then think about festivals. It will find its own festival journey path.  To me, Sundance is the city of gold - the Mecca of all festivals - and I feel blessed to be accepted,  but to think you can tailor-make a film for a certain festival is the kiss of death. 

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