Thursday, December 22, 2011

Guest Post from Choosing the Right Video Editing Software

Choosing the right video editing software can mean the difference between an award-winning masterpiece and a back-shelved B-reel – not to mention a couple thousand dollars blown at Best Buy.
The most expensive software doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Still, if you can’t live without high-def green screen editing and one hundred audio tracks, get ready for a big bill. On the other hand, don’t discount downloading top rated video editing software for free; in many cases they’re just as powerful.

Here are four top rated video programs to help you make an informed decision when you’re in the market for the best.

Final Cut Studio: Everyone knows the name because it’s a consistently top rated software. Final Cut supports exporting to formats like Blu-Ray, DVD, MPEG-4, smart phones, Quicktime, Windows Media and podcasts with features like changeable aspect ratios, color correction, green screen editing, Hi-Def support and storyboard mode. The drawbacks to Final Cut are that Apple only publishes the software for Mac OS X, and it comes with a steep price tag of almost $1,000.

Blender: Blender is an incredibly powerful 3D graphics generator that’s available for all platforms. The best part of Blender? It’s Free. Plus, you won’t need a massive processor to run the software, since Blender’s requirements are much less than the average processor for other open source software. It’s versatile, powerful and consistently top rated in the industry; Blender is a great software choice if you need 3D graphics.

CyberLink: Are you a Windows user whose video editing needs the power of Final Cut with the price tag of Blender? Meet CyberLink. Moderately priced at $70, and powerful enough for the majority of editing needs, CyberLink easily meets the average consumer budget. With a large range of features like color correction, full screen playback, Hi-Definition support and storyboard mode, Cyberlink delivers speed and affordability.

Avid: Avid’s $2,124 price tag reflects its customer: high-end movie production. An extremely powerful and all-encompassing program that runs on both Mac and PC platforms (sorry, Linux), Avid includes features like green screen editing, drag and drop storyboards, changeable aspect ratios and animation tools. With Avid, users can add up to 99 audio tracks and 24 video tracks in a wide range of formats. When you’re done editing, Avid supports exporting in formats for Blu-Ray, MPEG-4, smart phones, QuickTime, Windows Media and YouTube.

About the Author: Tom Samph, a graduate of Boston University, is a Marketing and PR intern at FindTheBest. He recently moved back to Philadelphia after living in France for a year where he was teaching English, working in a bakery and freelance writing.

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