Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011!

Happy Thanksgiving! My cup runneth over with love, thanks, and the joy of another year making movies.

Each year, I pinch myself that I'm able to work full time doing what I love. I'm so grateful to everyone and the stars for aligning to make it all possible.

This year we have seen Not Since You perform well in all of its channels of distribution. We have had an incredible festival run with our recent film Take Me Home and strong foreign sales and a domestic distribution deal on its way. We completed our new film The Diary of Preston Plummer and are prepping for a World Premiere in 2012. And I produced a short film about the Keystone XL Pipeline called Pipe Dreams that has been shortlisted for an Oscar. We had a wonderful LA Premiere - here's an article about it and a pic from it below. (I will also include this article from the New Yorker for background on the fight against the pipeline here.)

I will repeat, my cup runneth over. And I am thankful.

I'm looking forward to a yummy meal and wine tasting with my LA family. I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with as much love, thanks and joy!

Peace y'all!

Director Leslie Iwerks & Narrator Daryl Hannah

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