Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our Short "Pipe Dreams" Is Shortlisted for an Oscar!

The other day I was writing emails and one hit my inbox that said "Your film has advanced to the next round." I thought, what is this spam that's hit my inbox?

Well, I opened it and screamed because before me was a letter on The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences letterhead that read: "Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that your Documentary Short Subject film Pipe Dreams, is one of eight films that have advanced to the second round of voting. This round will determine the nominees."

I think I was dialing Leslie (the director) before I even finished reading the letter. She and I then went through every happy emotion that exists. What an incredible moment - one I will never forget. Thank you Academy - what an honor!

Leslie and I took on a controversial project that no one would finance. As Americans, we wanted to know the truth behind this proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. There were too many questions and not enough answers.

Though no one would back this project and we only had about 2 months to make the film from beginning to end (which is a ridiculously short timeframe), we decided it had to be made. We already knew pumping more dirty oil through the heart of America and precious territories like the Ogallala Aquifer and the Sand Hills of Nebraska sounded like a bad idea but then we met amazing fellow U.S. citizens who live along the proposed pipeline route whose land and livelihoods were being threatened.

These ranchers could be me or you. They work hard to feed America every day and are being harassed by a foreign oil company and threatened with eminent domain even before any U.S. permit is in place for them to build the pipeline.

We decided these landowners needed a voice. They work too hard to take care of others. Someone needed to take of them for once.

So Leslie and I set out on this journey and what a journey it has been. Thanks to everyone who helped us get this film to the big screen. Cheers!

Here's the trailer to Pipe Dreams. We will have an LA premiere in late November. Hopefully those of you in LA can come!

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