Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Break on Through the Writer's Block

As a writer, I have blockage almost every day - okay, not that kind of blockage - ha! Whether I'm writing my blog or a screenplay, I can be on a roll and then suddenly find myself staring at my screen and then searching for a snack and then cleaning my house and writing bills. Before I know it, I've blown the day.

Writer's block can lead to all kinds of work getting done - just not the writing. So how do you get back in the writing groove?

First, don't kick yourself for taking a break. You may need one. Sometimes it takes time away from a project to get clarity. I just took a few weeks away from an outline and came back to it wondering, what was I thinking? There's way too much going on. The time away allowed me to have clarity.

Second, don't give up. Even if you take a break, there's a reason you were drawn to the idea. Explore that original inspiration. Ask yourself if you are achieving what you originally set out to do. Sometimes it takes going back to your original idea to re-center you on your writing objectives.

Third, there's technology that can help. Check out softwares like Contour that can help you break the story down, step by step. Maybe going back to the basics will allow you to regain control of your story.

Fourth, just write. Keep writing until you can't anymore and then keep writing some more. I find just putting pen to paper, even if it's gibberish helps me work through problems.

Fifth, get creative. Put your creative hat on. About anything. But be creative and that will spread out over everything you do.

Finally, watch movies. If you write them, you love them. So watch them and remind yourself how great they are and why you want to write them. And watch the kinds of movies you are writing. Especially the highly acclaimed ones. They just might fix what's ailing.

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