Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thanks Brooklyn! For a Great Homecoming for Take Me Home

We had a wonderful Brooklyn premiere of Take Me Home. Our friends from Brooklyn came out and it was super cool to show them the film we'd been working on for half a decade! They've listened to us talk about the film for years and now we could finally show them.

We've come full circle. Started in Brooklyn - Showed in Brooklyn. Sweet.

The craziest and best part of the trip was going to Coney Island with our close friends and riding the Cyclone for the umpteenth time and drinking beer at Ruby's on the Boardwalk and eating zeppolis. The Alexander McQeen exhibit at the Met was pretty amazing too.

Oh and lunch in Bryant Park and chocolates from a chocolate bar for dessert. And of course running through Park Slope and Prospect Park to counteract the bagels, chocolate, beer and wine!

Did I say we had a great NY premiere? Let's do it again.

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