Monday, June 13, 2011

Documentary v. Narrative Filmmaking

For the past year, I have been doing both documentaries and narrative films. I find both are really satisfying and enjoyable. Where documentaries fulfill a side of me that enjoys true stories and bringing public awareness to a topic, narrative allows me to become wrapped up in the lives of fictional characters and introduce them to the world.

How cool is that? To be able to express yourself in two very different ways. I feel so lucky to be doing what I'm doing. Granted it took a lot of hard work and sacrifice but it's so worth it.

So when it comes down to documentaries v. narrative, why choose? Do both!


Stewart said...

Dear Jane,

I've been following your blog for quite some time now, you've inspired me to open my own production company. I'd like to start with an easy short film. I was wondering, how do you go about finding a film to produce?


Jane Kelly Kosek said...

Hi Branden,
It's not easy finding a short film to produce. I have some writers and directors I like to work with who give me projects to make. Have you been working in the industry to date?

David said...

Hi, I've been reading a few posts on your blog, especially liked the advice about the using the PanaVision cameras. Thanks.

Hope you don't mind if I ask you a question? I am going to be attending film school soon. I may have the option of attending a couple of great arts schools to study my MA in Film. One has an emphasis on documentary but allows experimentation within the format. The other school has emphasis on fiction and the chance to work with actors. In the beginning I set out to work with narrative film. However, it seems that each has it's advantages. For example it may be easier to break in with a documentary and later work my way into narrative. Confused?

janekk said...

Hi David,

Thank you for reading. As for your question about studying documentary v. narrative film, that's a very good question. I'll be honest that neither are easy to break into. A career in filmmaking takes a lot of perseverance. And I have found that the best thing for me has been to always follow my passion and no matter what I do, do it well. So my personal advice to you would be to follow what you are most passionate about as it will be that passion that pushes you through the tough times and leads you toward success. If you are still confused then you should do greater research into both schools, perhaps speak to other students and instructors, and follow your gut. I am a big believer of my gut. Whenever I don't follow it, I always seem to regret it. Good luck!


David Simpson said...

Hi Jane,

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I apologize it has taken me so long to thank you. Just wanted to wait for more news. So far, the option of the school with the documentary focus has come through. They are also open to all kinds of experimental film as well.

However, I have a interview for the narrative school tomorrow. As you said, both options will be difficult to break into. After school I am interested in doing sci-fi with a social commentary slant. Much like District 9. Can always integrate documentary/narrative no matter what school I attend?

Provided there is a good idea. What I have come to realize is in the real word the producer of the project will probably be one of the most important keys? A producer with experience, skills, connections, and passion within that genre to make my vision a reality. Would you agree?

It is no coincidence that Neill Blomkamp teamed up with Peter Jackson to pull of District 9 so well. Anyway, thanks once again for great posts and advice.