Thursday, May 26, 2011

IndieGoGo Campaign Definitely Helped The Diary of Preston Plummer

Our Indiegogo campaign for our new film The Diary of Preston Plummer was a huge help! Thank you to everyone who donated to the campaign. We didn't reach our goal but the funds we did receive are so needed and will help run the business behind the film as we work toward selling the film. So thanks everyone!

I have to give a shout out to Indiegogo allowing campaigns to keep the funds they raise. Again, every penny counts and knowing we will receive what we raise even if we don't hit our goal is a huge relief. Kickstarter will only release money if you reach your goal. I greatly prefer the Indiegogo philosophy.

I would highly recommend including a crowdfunding campaign in your financing structure for your film. Not everyone wants to invest in movies but they may have a few bucks they are willing to donate so why not tap into the donation dollars too? A little goes a very long way so I wouldn't ignore this avenue for financing.

The one downside to crowdfunding is feeling like you're constantly spamming your friends and family for money. And it's usually the people who know you who will donate. So be careful to not bombard your contacts constantly. They want to help and be supportive but they have their own lives and projects too worry about.

And remember, if you ask for donations and receive them, you really should give back when those contacts ask you for donations for their projects or adventures or charities. It's easy to only think about yourself and your own project. You must give to receive! Good luck!

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Cathydirector said...

I will start nxt year a Campain to fund money for a feature film. I dont know if i should use kickstarter or indiegogo. But when you write that on indiegogo we can keep the money we raised. Thats good, so the flight ticket it paid.