Friday, April 22, 2011

IndieGoGo Campaign for Our Film The Diary of Preston Plummer

Our new film The Diary of Preston Plummer, starring Trevor Morgan, Rumer Willis, Robert Loggia, Erin Dilly and Christopher Cousins, is looking and sounding great! The cut is locked, the color correction and sound mix are scheduled. The end is in sight! Heck yeah!

Sean Ackerman (the director) and I (the producer) have been working hard to squeeze every ounce of resource around us (including our own savings accounts - yikes!) to get the film completed. We did it! The film is almost done. Yay, yay, yay, yay! Can I say Yay one more time? Yay!

I am so happy we made this film. I love it and I love the experience I had on it.

The one issue we are having though, which I know all my readers will be sympathetic to, is that the costs keep mounting. Sean and I have tapped our investors and our personal accounts at this point and we are hoping that crowdfunding may be a great way to keep Diary afloat.

The great thing about crowdfunding that people can contribute any amount they want to give and we are offering some really fun commemorative items for every donation. And it's a great way to donate to the arts and become part of the film's family!

That said, we humbly ask those of you who'd like to see a wonderful film get over this last hurdle to consider even the smallest donation as every penny will go a very long way toward Diary's future. We would be so grateful!

Thanks everyone - here's to indie film and keeping it alive and strong! Click on the IndieGoGo box at the top and it will take you to the page where you can donate any amount you'd like. Thanks again!

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