Monday, September 27, 2010

We Made a Movie!

We made a movie! Now what?

Actually let me back track a little. I'm sure most of you, including myself, were wondering: where are the posts about making the movie (titled The Diary of Preston Plummer)? I mysteriously fell off the face of my blog from pre-production until now.

Yes, I agree I should have been posting every day! But, after I evaluated the insanity of making a movie with no production staff, I decided the world nor my blog would end without me posting about it here. I am a filmmaker first so my priority as a producer took precedence over my blog, in this instance. Hopefully, I will have a staff on my next project and I can be blogging from set.

I wasn't completely remiss in my reporting duties. I did make time to post (almost daily) on the Facebook page for the film. So if anyone is curious how things progressed during the shoot, you can click here and take a look on Diary's Facebook page. Become a fan too! We need you and it's a great film -- I promise. You can see a ton of really cool photos we took while there as well. Amelia Island is gorgeous!

That's the thing about being in production on a movie. It takes over your life. For the weeks you are physically making the film, your attention is 100% focused on making the best film possible for the least amount of money possible.

As producer, I am constantly coordinating and searching for the best deals that will make the show run as smoothly and as cost effectively as it possibly can. It is NONSTOP. I could be coordinating 24/7 and still think of more things to do. Ask my crew, I think they saw me sleep an average of 4 hours a night (something I don't recommend but, again, when you have no staff, you forego a few zzzzs).

We made it through the other side and we are really happy with the film. And we had a blast working together. I am so proud of our filmmaking family. From here, we tackle post and promotion and sales -- areas that are just as hard and time-consuming as production but we're ready -- bring it on!

Diary's fantastic cast and crew. I love you guys!: