Monday, November 29, 2010

The Power of the Social Network for Filmmakers

Social networking works! Just the other day, I asked my friends, colleagues, and readers to put our film Not Since You in their Netflix queue. Our social network heard our call and they acted by putting the film in their queue. And guess what? Netflix placed a DVD order within days. Now that's power!

So indie filmmakers, let's learn to use this power to help bring independent film back from the brink. I personally want to thank everyone for putting our film in their queue. Taking those few precious moments to log into your account and request the film does make a difference!

I know it can feel like a burden to have one more thing to do in your busy day. I often personally feel like I am so overwhelmed that even logging into Netflix is too much to ask. But if we are going to save independent film, we do need to log in and support one another and help out when we can. And I am so grateful to those who helped. I promise to do the same for you. We're in this together!

So thank you and on to more marketing efforts!


MTeplitsky said...

Hi Jane - thanks for sharing your Netflix story! i'm also a self-distribution filmmaker and consultant ( and debating netflix strategy. May I ask you, was your film already on Netflix when fans requested it? If not, how did they request it? Thanks.

Film Annex said...

We also believe in the power of social media to help indie filmmakers spread the word about their movies and ongoing projects.
People are using tools such as Facebook or Twitter on a daily basis now and count on them to be aware of what is going on in their field or area of interests. So we think it's a very good way to reach people likely to be interested in your work.

We, at Film Annex (we are an online movie distribution platform), actually use our social media presence to promote our filmmakers.

I'd be happy to tell you more about it and how to promote indie filmmaking online!

Film Annex

Jane Kelly Kosek said...

Hi MTeplitsky,
Yes, our film was already on Netflix, submitted by our DVD distributor.

Robert said...

For many filmmakers the social network helped promote their movies. But for many did a bad marketing also, so if u are asking me, it's better when you just make people curious without to much information on your projects. The power of cinema business is that you're paying first and and then you get the product, so be sure to not leave that fact aside. Let the distributors do the marketing plan for you!