Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Weeks Out and So Much to Do!

We are two weeks out from filming and every day, I go down my to-do list and do my best to address as much as physically possible in one day.

Typical issues to address:

1) Travel -- need to book travel for cast and crew
2) Find and lock locations
3) Finalize casting and crew and their agreements. Negotiating deals can take many rounds and when it's an Ultra-Low Budget, I am usually handling the Business Affairs. More work for me -- yay!
4) Product Placement. It's so important to our bottom line to find product placement. For a spot in the film, we get free product to use. Free drinks for cast and crew is a huge savings. And it takes time to lock in these deals.
5) Go Over Schedule. The schedule is a fluid thing. It ebbs and flows and you must keep up on all changes.
7) Changes to Script. It's inevitable that once you are on location that there will be changes to the script. When the script changes, the schedule changes, then you must change...
8) Lodging and food. People need a roof over their heads and food to eat. And it can't be crap. You need to think about it all. It's sort of like planning a wedding. You want people to be comfortable and fed well. Not easy.
9) Budget and financing. Budget and financing. Need I say more?
10) Relaxation, exercise and time to yourself. As soon as you are on location, all of these three things could easily go away. You need to make time for each or you will burn yourself out. And then be no help to anyone. Try to squeeze in normal activities that make you happy throughout the week. See a movie or enjoy a sunset (we took a sunset cruise last night -- both a location scout and relaxation) or sip a glass of wine as you wind down from the day -- whatever it is, do it. You will feel better in the long run.

What's the lesson here? Juggle, juggle, juggle. And be positive. No one's perfect. Do the best you can. Be respectful to yourself and others and it will all work out.

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Chuck's Used Cards said...

Hello Jane,

You can't help but enjoy yourself on our island ... I've scouted over 50 locations here and still find it fascinating ...

Let me know if you need any assistance.