Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Doing a Doc!

I'm still pinching myself. The end of 2009 was very good to me, which was super cool, and one big reason was meeting documentary filmmaker Leslie Iwerks. A colleague of mine told me Leslie needed some help on a new documentary she is doing and I jumped at the opportunity. 

Besides being incredibly talented (she directed The Pixar Story), Leslie's super nice and calm -- excellent attributes in a director (especially from the producer's perspective). So needless to say, I've been a bit busy between Leslie's projects and my own. But I'm loving it.

So for the next six months I'll be working with Leslie and then I am planning on heading to Amelia Island, Florida, to produce the film I've been wanting to make for over a decade: The Diary of Preston Plummer. I am super excited to finally be making Diary. It's a great script and I love working with the director Sean Ackerman. 

As we all know it's not often to find a sense of calm and security in your life as you navigate the world of filmmaking. I think I'll revel in it for a little while longer.

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Camden Watts said...

Really enjoyed this post, and so happy you're working on projects that you can't wait to share. May 2010 bring you even more calm and security!