Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"All About Indie Filmmaking" Named One of 50 Best Blogs for Moviemakers by MovieMaker Magazine

I didn't even know my blog was up for MovieMaker's 50 Best Blogs for Moviemakers list. What a great surprise! Thanks MovieMaker Magazine

I started this blog as a forum to put all of the swirling info I gather in my daily pursuit as a filmmaker. Each blog post helps me to take time to really think about and dissect a facet of filmmaking. And I'm glad my ruminations are actually helping others. 

Most of what I do is by trial and error. No one handholds producers into creation. We are willed into existence, just like films are. When you are an independent producer, you really are independent and you need to feel confident that you can lead people through a major creative project. Much of that confidence needs to be a belief in yourself -- that you have what it takes to make movies, just like those other producers out there. 

As I keep building my own confidence, I will keep blogging about my journey and I hope you will join me and enjoy what you read.

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Filmmaking Stuff said...

I think this is great. Thanks for sharing your movie making knowledge with the world. Your postings are full of filmmaking passion.

Jason @ Filmmaking Stuff (another one to make the 50 best!)

James said...


Jentri said...

I just saw your name in the mag, too, and couldn't be happier to see it!! Well deserved. :)