Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not Since You Plans for Theatrical!

We are in talks with the Georgia Theatre Co. about having a limited theatrical for our feature Not Since You. This is super exciting for us and our film because we had worried a theatrical would be out of the question. 

Many independent films never have a theatrical release. Instead they go straight to DVD or TV or the Internet. This is due to economics. Theatrical releases are often loss leaders, meaning they lose money but they lead the film toward strong DVD and TV releases (which helps to make up for the loss at the theaters). 

Thankfully the Georgia Theatre Co. agrees with us that the film deserves to be in the theaters! They have been super helpful thus far and we are shipping posters off to their Athens, Georgia theater today for some promotion of the film during the holiday film rush. 

We chose to work with the Georgia Theatre Co. because we shot the film in Athens, Georgia and we believe we can build strong support for this release in that region. If any of you reading are from that area, please go see the film! I'll post the dates as soon as we have them.

I'm off to have 4 posters printed this morning and shipped to the Athens theater for some holiday promotion of the film. Still pinching myself!

Here's the trailer: 

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Kris said...

It has been a while since you posted your intial comment, but I wanted to check and see if there are updates for your film.
- Not Since You fan and extra, Kris