Sunday, December 20, 2009

Indie Filmmakers Should Lean on Each Other More

The key to fixing indie film is working together. We all have a common goal of making movies, right? So why not come together and support one another? Your success is my success and vice versa.

Too often we indie filmmakers work in vacuums. We find our projects and build our teams by ourselves. I've done that many times. And I look back and think, I should have leaned on my colleagues more. In those times, I was alone trying to figure out a solution to my problems, I should have reached out more to my producer/director friends. Perhaps they would have had a quick, simple solution.

I know I am reinventing the wheel too often. I'm sure you often feel the same.

This is why networking is so important and helping others counts. In those times you hit an issue that you have never dealt with before, why not reach out and see how your colleagues have handled the problem? Hopefully they have experienced the same thing and can offer a quick solution based on their own experience and research.

If any of you run into issues, feel free to reach out to me. I may have ideas to offer because I've been there before. Consider me a colleague you can lean on! Hopefully I can do the same with you.


mikehedge said...

cheers! I count you on my team =)

Tony said...

Yeah. I learned that the hard way. It sucks when you're selfish and want to work by yourself, then realize that that's not so great. LOL!