Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Arin Crumley is the director of Four-Eyed Monster and now a co-founder of a movement (OpenIndie) where filmmakers can figure out how to get their films screened in a ton of cities. Arin premiered his film at the same SXSW that we premiered our film Straight Line. It's been really fun to see Arin become such a big indie figure since then. He is building a community of filmmakers to help get indie films some screenings. Check it out. I'll be joining. Where's my credit card? Click here to pledge and become a member of the site. You'll be in good hands!

Lets build Together (Half way to our Funding Goal)

We've past the half way mark towards our funding and I've been reading the amazing discussion taking place on our campaign comments and saw that already we are getting great input for how the site should function from our backers.

In addition to Kieran and I's direct responses I wanted to make a post to say that the point is this, the possibilities are endless. Kieran is a computer programmer with over 10 years of experience building similar infrastructures. So we can all bring our ideas to the table and make this thing do anything we want it too. Also I've been planning how this could all function for over 4 years by constantly envisioning this future system every time I made a new distribution move with Four Eyed Monsters. There are pages and pages of notes and ideas and sketches and drawings and concepts for how I see a new film industry functioning and is designed to be a huge part of the missing link.

But even with all of these ideas we have, it's the backers who will aid more then anybody the actual shape of this new service. First of all you guys bring money to the project which is huge. And secondly you are our base of filmmakers and users that will inform us how the system should be developed. The plan is to regularly update the backers with what the sites components are looking like as the get built. Comments about each update will play into the development and inform the direction we take phase 1. And then of course there will be phase 2 where we all get to try out the new system and learn what can improve.

So we are building the future together. What your donation means is that we are all going to make this happen together.

Of course this only happens if we fund. So please, spread the word. Reach out to a few fans of your work, see if they'll back even just 1 dollar. And if you know feature or short filmmakers, reach out to them as well. Share with them your reasons for backing this project and invite them to do the same.

Also, I've noticed many filmmakers pledging 20 dollars, I'd strongly encourage you to increase your pledge to 100 so that your film can actually be one of the 100 films that gets the free 1 hour of consulting and gets to use the service of the site. Kickstarter makes it very easy to increase your donation. Just hit the button and you can type in any number during the time frame that the campaign is live.

Thanks for supporting and have a wonderful day...

Arin Crumley 


Arin Crumley said...

It's great to see filmmakers alerting other filmmakers to this new method we can make possible with

And it's great to hear you'll be joining. We've all come a long way from straight line, puffy chair, kissing on the mouth, mutual appreciation and all the others films that played at SXSW 2005.

Hope your well...
Arin Crumley

Jane Kelly Kosek said...

Yes, we have come a long way! Nice to hear from you Arin. SXSW 2005 was a great year. So glad to see you doing so well. Sean says hi too!

I do plan to join this week! My other film premieres tomorrow. Cheers!

Kirsten Barrie said...

I pledged $100, and am spreading the word! Thanks for this gem!