Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back to Business: Deliverables Cost $$$$$

Had a great vacation despite having to negotiate a foreign sales deal in the middle of it -- c'est la vie for an indie filmmaker! 

And with this deal comes the dreaded deliverables! My nightmare is becoming my reality. I shake in my shoes every time the deliverable requirements come around. 

Why are deliverables a nightmare? Because everything AND the kitchen sink is usually required to be delivered and within a short timeframe and the worst part about them is that they are expensive! OUCH!!! 

Right now, we are delivering our film Not Since You to our foreign sales agent and clearing music licenses. This is a painstaking process that requires delivering the film and sound and contracts in every form possible. Costs can really add up especially if you need to work with multiple facilities in order to cover every aspect of the delivery. 

The scary part is that deals can definitely go away if you can't provide all your deliverables. So you have to be extremely careful about fulfilling what is required. 

A word of caution: do not blindly sign off on a deliverable schedule. Do the research on how much each item is going to cost or you may find you don't have the funds to handle what is required by that company. And be sure to have help from a producer's rep and/or a lawyer (preferably both) when going over any contracts. Knowledge is power! 

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Phantom of Pulp said...

I've done these, Jane, and they suck.

One of the most frustrating realities is that many deliverables are never used (and are not really needed).

Foreign sales companies just ask for everything to cover their asses.