Sunday, August 30, 2009

Julie & Julia: Tells the Story of All Us Writers, Freelancers, Filmmakers & Entrepreneurs

I just got back from seeing Julie & Julia and the whole experience brought a tear to my eye! Have you ever had that moment when you feel, wow, he or she really gets me. Julie & Julia really gets me! Finally, a movie that shows my life and the lives of countless other freelancers, writers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs. And that's the power of cinema. Art really does imitate life. 

If you want to know what it is like for those of us who chose the more unconventional path of seemingly creating a career from nothing but a passion then this is the film to see. The great thing is that Julie took a simple blog idea and it grew into something much bigger, opening doors to the very career she hadn't been able to crack. Likewise, Julia found her passion in cooking -- something she stumbled into -- and she worked diligently on her passion every day and it paid off -- BIG. The key to both is that they never gave up and they gave it their all.

Watching them both sit at their typewriters and then seeing their husbands supporting them was like a carbon copy of my life to date. My husband even leaned over during the movie and said: That's us. I laughed and cried. (I seriously have the most supportive husband, it truly is ridiculous. I love him to pieces for being there for me for 18 years and counting!) I laughed because it's true and I cried seeing others do what I do, achieve success. I love that! 

I know there are thousands more of us out there -- working away, every day to reach our goals of having our work achieve success. I'm friends with many of them and each and every one has their Julie or Julia inside them. We all need to support that creative spirit and that passion. Remarkable things really can happen, even from nothing. 

Here's the thing: As filmmakers we must stay true to our voice and work tirelessly (and I mean doggedly) day in, day out to achieve our goals. It's not easy. You will work the hardest you have ever worked in your life. But it will feel great to see your work on the big screen and know that you did that. You helped create that movie that everyone is watching and from which they will be changed for the rest of their lives. That's the goal. And that is why we get up every day and sit at our computers and write and read and make yet another film. And we love it. 

So thanks Julie & Julia for reminding us that it's important to hang in there and keep working at it -- even when you want to just give up and cry on your keyboard. Crying's okay. Just wipe the tears and keep working.

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