Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 12 of Take Me Home: The End -- for Now!

Day 12 was the last day of filming in this round. We took a very untraditional route when making Take Me Home. We decided to split the filming in three rounds. One round last summer for the road trip from NY to LA. And then two rounds this summer, in order to accommodate an actor's schedule. 

On this joyous occasion of being a final day, we worked a night shoot. And I was still sick. The saving grace was that this troublesome location to find ended up being a really great location. No one complained and everyone was really helpful. 

The weather was still hot but as the night wore on, it cooled off nicely. We got some great footage and everyone seemed in good spirits. 

It was after we left that we found out sound had turned the refrigerator off due to noise and forgot to turn it back on. We had to pay for spoiled food. That was unfortunate. But all in all, the 12 days were a success and we are right back at it next weekend!

In the meantime, I am producing a short this weekend called Gay Baby. I'll let you all know how that goes!

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