Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are Studios Open on Saturdays? by John August: Learn the Biz

In John August's blog post Are Studios Open on Saturdays?, John reminds us all that if you want a career in film, you do need to grasp a basic understanding of how it works. 

I have to agree with John. In the film industry, people are working at lightning speeds and have tons of queries every day coming in from many artists. You need to go to the movers and shakers of Hollywood with an understanding of the basic mechanism of Hollywood or you will most likely be ignored. Not out of being mean. It's out of the need to focus on projects that have the highest potential for success. And the chances that someone who doesn't know how the industry works having the next big hit is pretty slim. 

So don't give anyone a reason to dismiss your work. Take the time needed to read everything you can get your hands on, i.e. books, blogs, articles on the industry. Get a subscription to Variety and/or Hollywood Reporter. Go to festivals. Attend panels and seminars and workshops. Go to film school if you like. Just remember to hone your knowledge on the ins and outs of Hollywood as your hone your craft. 

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