Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 6 of Take Me Home: LaGuardia Airport in LA and driving shots

On Day 6 of the production of Take Me Home, we cheated a LaGuardia Airport taxi cab stand in S. Pasadena. LaGuardia is a NY airport so this was a challenge. I drove around for a day looking for a glass building that looked interesting and could pass for the front of a terminal. I found this great-looking glass building with funky, tubular steel details. And it had a parking lot right in front of the building for all our equipment and a number of crew cars. 

The reason I wanted a building that could cheat for a NY taxi stand in S. Pasadena was because we were making a company move to the director's home in S. Pasadena right after in order to do driving shots. I didn't want too much driving time between locations. Luckily I found this great building and they allowed us to use it and the parking lot for free! 

After successfully filming LaGuardia in California, we left for the director's home where we broke for "lunch" at midnight and then proceeded to do driving shots. We stuck the DP in the back of an SUV that we got donated for the production as product placement. He filmed our NY taxi cab out the back of the SUV as they drove.

All went well -- although we worried a Sheriff. He saw our set up with the SUV filled with camera equipment and our NY Cab behind it sitting on the side of the road. He stopped to see what we were up to. Once he realized what we were doing and that all was fine, he took off. 

It's always a little nerve-wracking to have a cop inquire about filming as he or she has the power to shut us down. But we survived and kept on going.

We wrapped about 6am. Got home about 8am and collapsed. 

And had another much-needed day off!

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